Saturday, July 11, 2009

Visual Proof

Visual proof is pretty much the best thing when its available. Most international organizations collect donations to send to places that need aid. Sometimes hosting charity events to raise donations. But the point is, we donate and donate and we hear about it for a week. 2 weeks down the line, we see a few rice bags on the news being delivered with UN printed on the side's of it. That's followed by a short narration and its over.

We never hear about it again!!!! Until there's another campaign to raise donations. There's no Visual Proof! Put-up Or Shut-Up! presents Mission "Plant A Forest" that sets out to replenish the deforestation zones. Our aim is to "Plant A Forest" with 25,000 trees . That is followed by a concert and the day of the planting. The ticket holders are also able to plant their own trees. The forest will grow and grow and grow and keep growing. 10 years down the line we'll have a full size forest restored. The forest will also be visitable. That is visual proof!

So support Mission "Plant A Forest" and let us accomplish our Missions!!

thank you
peace & love

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